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Jika Anda ingin meningkatkan kemampuan Bahasa Inggris, maka Anda telah berada di tempat yang tepat untuk memulainya. Pelajari lebih jauh tentang Kami

Cerita Kami

THINK ENGLISH Private & Fun Learning English adalah les privat atau kursus privat Bahasa Inggris yang berfokus pada pembelajaran ESL (English as Second Language), yaitu menempatkan Bahasa Inggris sebagai bahasa ke-dua yang digunakan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari.

Kami bertanya-tanya tentang bagaimana seseorang dapat meraih cita-citanya dalam mempelajari Bahasa Inggris semudah dan semenyenangkan yang mereka harapkan.

Salah satu pakar Bahasa Inggris, Jon Larsson pernah menyatakan,

“Seeing how learning a language in such an environment is generally much more effective than teaching the language exclusively as a foreign language,”

[Melihat bagaimana mempelajari bahasa dalam sebuah lingkungan umumnya jauh lebih efektif dibandingkan dengan mengajarkan bahasa secara eksklusif sebagai bahasa asing].

Sepakat dengan hal tersebut, THINK ENGLISH COURSE mempersembahkan program kelas dalam lingkungan yang berbeda dan efektif dengan metode yang menyenangkan untuk membantu siswa berkembang.

Tim Kami

Mengajar bukan hanya memberikan pengetahuan kepada siswa, tetapi juga menanamkan karakter, sikap, value (nilai) dan motivasi yang mendukung perkembangan siswa dalam penguasaan bahasa.

Kami selalu menjadi sebuah tim yang mencintai para Englishian-siswa Think English Course, mengajar dan Bahasa Inggris secara bersamaan. Mempelajari Bahasa Inggris dengan mudah dan menyenangkan sebagaimana native speaker mempelajari bahasanya bukanlah hal yang tidak mungkin. Kami bersama-sama dalam Think English Course bergabung untuk mewujudkannya, untuk Anda.

Kami berpikir, merencanakan dan melakukan yang terbaik untuk memenuhi kebutuhan belajar Anda dalam Bahasa Inggris. Tim kami merupakan lulusan dari universitas dan perguruan tinggi ternama di Indonesia dan aktif mengajar serta melakukan penelitian dalam bidang Bahasa Inggris. Kami akan terus bekerja keras untuk meningkatkan kualitas pengajaran les privat Bahasa Inggris di Think English Course.

Ayo raih mimpimu dan menjadi Englishian bersama Think English Course!

Meet The Teacher

Take a peek of our Teachers
Lenny Kristianti, Dra., M.Pd.

Lenny Kristianti, Dra., M.Pd.

Language Advisor

Lenny Kristianti, Dra., M.Pd.

People around the world still use English to communicate each other. In this high technology era when everything goes in hand, there come the high opportunities and challenges at the same time. Facing the global competition surely needs specific efforts.
Mastering English can be one of your steps to meet the world’s demand. But Learning might be overwhelming if we do it in a classroom only. Learning is a creative problem solving and discovery, where you find and understand something new, so you have learnt.
How do you think? Is it enough for you to learn and use English just in a classroom for a couple of hours then you encounter the global challenges? If not, let’s learn more in fun and creative ways to boost your English. We are welcome you to join our Englishian with Think English Course!

Our Teachers

Think English Course Teacher

Tantri Novianti

Founder, Teacher

Area of Interest: ECT, EA, CV, ESP-NM, IHT

Specialty: creative learning, basic and advanced grammar, conversation, writing for academic purposes, creative writing, creative English learning tools

What makes you treat English differently as any other languages in your hometown? Do you still remember the way you learn to speak when you were a child? Did you find it difficult and give up? Our language learning is naturally similar to a growing-up time experienced by children so they can speak up as you are now. Think everything in English is the first thing everyone can do to start learning English. In the past, as a child, we used our creative thinking and learned how to do something and grew up. Amazingly, even now our brain works the most effective in a high-creative network. So, let’s make our English learning as fun and creative as it can be. Make English learning as a part of your days and get used to it. Think in English, read in English, write in English, listen in English, talk in English, and so on. Someday you will find yourself fall in love with it and enjoy your English!
Think English Course Teacher

Zulfa Aulia Hasna

Co-Founder, Teacher

Area of Interest: ECT, EA, CV

Specialty: conversation, basic and advanced grammar, writing for academic purposes, story-telling.

English is a very fun language! Everyone can master it by making English as something that is fun, not something that is hard. How? Let’s start with the things you love such as singing or watching a movie! Try doing those activities in English. It will help you improve your English vocabulary. When you are starting to enjoy the activities then you are already halfway to mastering English!

Think English Course Teacher



Area of Interest: EA

Specialty: Basic and Advanced Grammar, conversation, TOEFL.

“I believe that English is like new eyes to see a new world” Hi, I’m Adri. For more than five years, I have taught English in various classes and workshops from basic to advanced level, from toddlers to adults. In teaching English, I always believe that mastering English is about making a habit of using it, not only about memorizing the words and learning the patterns but also about understanding and applying them in real life. In this case, let me be your English partner and let’s learn and share everything to master English, shall we?
Think English Course Teacher

Ignatius Sosrowinarsito (Ito)


Area of Interest: EA, CV, IHT

Specialty: conversation, basic grammar.

Why is English so important? It is so important because with the advance in communication technology, the world seems getting smaller and smaller. We can communicate with people thousand miles away easily and clearly as if they were sitting next to us. One of the languages that can connect us with the world is English. Learning English is unlike flipping a coin, it is a process. The process can be fun and relaxing. However, we have to focus on what we want to achieve, treat whatever obstacles we encounter during the process as vitamin that will strengthen us to reach our goal. Have fun in learning English!
Think English Course Teacher

Diska Fratiwi Setiawan


Area of Interest: ECT

Specialty: Creative learning, story-telling, story-reading

Have you studied English since elementary school but still walking backwards when meeting foreigners? This is not because you can’t, you just don’t know how to start! Now you don’t need to be afraid anymore since Think English Course is here to help you overcome fear when speaking in English. No matter how many vocabularies you have, if you never try to use it, isn’t that a useless thing? Because language is not just a matter of scores that you get at school, it’s a mental challenge that will be useful when you get it. Come to join us to learn English through fun activities!
Think English Course Teacher

Marthin Kardana


Area of Interest: ECT, EA, CV, IHT

Specialty: Conversation, Grammar, Creative Learning

English gets you far, and farther! That’s the “tagline” I experienced by myself, and want to share with everyone. As you practice using it every day, you can find it very useful and contributes to your life. You can be a student, a musician, an IT worker, or whoever you are, English skills will still make a difference. In fact, English did bring me literally farther. I’m so grateful that I have had such opportunities to visit some beautiful places in the world. So again, first thing first in learning English is to start speaking, especially when it comes to conversation classes or activities. Don’t worry too much about the grammar! Also, as been mentioned before, you don’t need to leave from who you are, whatever your passions are, you can still become yourself. Yet, English makes your life more colourful!
Think English Course Teacher

Himawan Pradipta

Online Teacher, Guest Teacher

Area of Interest: EA and CV

Specialty: conversation, basic and advanced grammar, writing for academic purposes, creative writing, debating, speech.

I think one essential key to immersing yourself in English, or any other language really, is to master vocabulary. Every day, memorize five new words, along with their meanings, and write them on flashcards. Whenever you have a chance have a look at those cards in-between your activity throughout the day. That way, you can memorize around 35 new words within a week! Keep doing it for a whole year and you’ll thank me later (or soon enough!)
Think English Course

"Learning is a Creative Problem-Solving and Discovery"

So, let’s learn in a private & fun way and improve your communicative English skills with